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Incovize Brand Founded in 2021 in Bangalore, under the Core Electronix Oceaan Private Limited ( Start-Up ), started shaping its business interest in Manufacturing & Retail consumer electronic appliances and security devices. The company directly caters to consumers through the D2C Online platform Incovize.com and acquiring maximum consumers in metro cities as well as small towns. With an urge to become a top-rated multinational retail company, Core Electronix has set a higher quality benchmark with utmost innovation. The company wants to sync its growth and flourish under the brand Incovize and aims to evolve to keep pace with the changing lifestyles of its consumers and global challenges.

With the support and association of our robust team members, we can take care of our customers’ high level of satisfaction, comfort, and style. Our team members have expertise in designing, development, marketing, and manufacturing in the electrical appliances manufacturing and operation territory. Together as a family, we try to make our customers confident to look, feel and live better.

With deep-rooted vision, our company offers a medley of electronic products, Televisions, smartphones, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dishwashers, Audio systems, air conditioner, Video & Security cameras, Laptop & computers, LED projectors, Mixers, Fans, Water purifiers, Inductions, Electric rice cooker, Grooming products, hard drives, home theaters, and the list go on. To design and build a smart home, Incovize offers world-class innovation in intelligent electronic devices – so you can interact with your home networks wirelessly. With consistency in innovation, we keep upgrading our products combined with cutting-edge technology, careful system, efficiency, and a better customer-centric approach.

Together, let’s upgrade the way to deliver happiness!

What is Incovize ?

Incovize Start-Up is a one-stop online shop for high-end consumer electronic appliances that fit your modern lifestyle needs. With premium-quality assurance, captivating looks, and versatile features, Incovize electronic devices serve both beautiful and beneficial purposes. Being one of India’s top home appliances retail companies, we devote our specialization and wisdom to designing dynamic products that smoothen your daily house grinds. At Incovize, we believe in the power of technology in improving people’s lives, habits, and manners of living. So, catering to this special segment of households, we bring you numerous up-to-date yet industry-best electrical products to supply modern assistance for your daily chores.

Highlighting on products, they highly feature eco-sustainability, durability, reliability, quality, environment-friendly, and multifunctional. From the design aspects, our devices are aesthetic and practical, labor-saving and luxurious under one umbrella. Since all our appliances use a minimal percent of energy, they last longer and reduce maximum impacts on the environment due to production and utilization. It means they are easy to maintain and do not produce harmful effects on the environment.

At Incovize, we have added a gamut of products to simplify people’s lives, epitomizing affordable and accessible luxury for all. From Smart TV, air conditioner, Refrigerator, Mixture grinder, and smartphone to the washing machine – our brand encapsulates luxury, efficiency, comfort, flexibility, style, and simplicity, binding with innovation, affordability, and modernity.

Our Membership Plans :

At Incovize, we have added a gamut of products to simplify people’s lives, epitomizing affordable and accessible luxury for all. From Smart TV, air conditioner, Refrigerator, Mixture grinder, and smartphone to the washing machine – our brand encapsulates luxury, efficiency, comfort, flexibility, style, and simplicity, binding with innovation, affordability, and modernity. Get access to our useful devices through our three most valued start-up membership plans: Premier Membership, PRO Membership, and Prime Membership. These plans are optimal solutions for getting your hands on our catalog at nominal price rates.

We pride our brand on encompassing top-rated quality, affordability, friendly usage, state-of-the-art engineering, innovative lifestyle products, and consumer goods. With experienced staff on the backend, our brand ensures that our consumers efficiently simplify their mode of living, be happy and healthy, stay well and enjoy their lives better!

In our recent launches of different memberships, you can get up to 60% flat savings on 100+ product ranges. Imagine getting an Ac @ 11,500/-, smartphone @5,000/-, Refrigerator @4,500/- – get this merchant value with lifetime benefits and up to 5 years extra warranty!

Start your consumer journey with Incovize at a low-prize membership plan with a gratitude gift.

Incovize Electronics

Our Mission

We want to enhance your life with ultramodern electronic devices, home appliances, AI-powered gadgets, and lifestyle products that bring value to your daily practices.

Our Vission

We want to pioneer our products in global forums and help people venture into innovative, revolutionary, and eco-sustainable habits.

Core Values

We devote our passion and wisdom to sustaining our product USPs (durability, flexibility, affordability, reliability, and quality with modernization) to touch escalating market expectations.

Future stance

As an upcoming consumer electronics lifestyle products, accessories and security device manufacturing company, we foresee an opportunity to the company to play a level field in the nation by an ambitious customized product that meets the needs of the budget conscious vast middle-class population in the nation


  • Incovize electronics allows newbies to realize their abilities, passions, dreams, and professionals to boot their careers. Our company brings new opportunities to seed growth, combining the same tune of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat.”
  • We aim to reach Unicorn valuation by 2024.
  • By 2036, our brand aspires to earn a global market share of 5% in the international consumer electronics market.
  • With our innovation, cost-effective product range, and reliability, we will show the world how Indian talent can shift the direction of consumer electronics devices.
  • Our brand fights to beat the international market by product design, price, and quality.
  • To add value by upgrading the ratio of innovation in our product range.
  • Despite being a game-changing initiative, Incovize aims to contribute to the national GDP and boost the ancillary industries by cultivating modern-era electronics and security devices.


  • Operating business in a nation of 600 million middle-class families directed us to create a spacious room for innovation in a convenient and cost-effective way. Hence, a unique amalgam of budget, invention, and modern technology emerged under the shed of Incovize. So, people can experience a restriction-free acquisition of comfort and entertainment within a budget.
  • Since there is always a security concern, more populations tend to opt for more innovative and budget-friendly security devices. Hence, the invention of customized security devices took the place, and we could aim to mark the presence of our brand Incovize in the nation.

Why Choose Us

Our Features

Our team is driven by the people who are ardent professionals to their job.

Innovative Designs

We are devoted to providing you with the best innovation in smart gadgets and appliances with great benefits, values, essence, and assurance.

Best Technical Support

We try to stay connected to our customers. Hence, our expert executives and engineers work hard to settle the issues efficiently, effectively, and timely. You can experience a friendly and comforting conversation with our experts.

Door Delivery

At Incovize, we try to keep our customers satisfied and fulfilled by fast and friendly delivery of our products at the doorstep.

Quality Manufacturing

At Incovize, we have a well-equipped setup where we manufacture and develop a wide variety of stylish and comforting consumer electronics devices. By employing high-end technology, automatic equipment, manual supervision, management, and the highest quality control - we provide you with the industry's best products and services.

Money Saving

We strongly value our customer's hard-earned money. Hence, we offer supreme innovation within the lowest budgets delivered to you.

Quick & Quality Response

In our company, we have set a global standard. We implement it to map the satisfactory level of shine, style, grade, and sustainability. We are one step ahead in maintaining a protective business by harboring a safe environment for our products. We are here to help you in the best possible manner, no matter what service you want.

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